IntensivePT in English

For the last two years we have been contacted by people in the Nordics who wants to take the course but don’t speak Swedish. Since we always listen to what our future students would like from us, we started working on this right away. As from 2019, we are happy to offer our students the option to study 100% in English!

The course is identical to the Swedish version. All of the course plan, all of the support, the possibility to study at your own pace, the option to split the payments into 12 or 24 months partial payments, the online examination (also in English), and a practical, English weekend in Stockholm.

What you get:

  • The complete course in English

  • “International Personal Trainer”-license (EuropeActive - EQF Level 4)

  • One year membership in the EREPS (European Register of Exercise Professionals)

  • Full support all through your course. No matter how long you decide to take

  • Access to all documentation and video material. Nothing needs to be bought

How it works:

  1. You sign up here:
    -Simple signup form with personal information and choice of payment method

  2. Within 1 hour you will get access to the online platform

    -When you have this you can log in right away and start accessing the material

  3. You take the course in your own pace.
    -Repeat as many times as you need

  4. When you feel ready you start writing the exam
    -Unlimited tries within 14 days. If needed you can re-try after 30 days (free)

  5. Sign up for the practical weekend (
    -Olympic lifting, power lifting, kinesio tape, stretching, and much more

  6. You get your license and can start working as a PT

    -In any gym chain or through starting your own company

For more info, call us on 0046840911150

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Andreas Hurtig